Our Culture

Mission Statement:

Service is the foundation of Kelley Automotive. We serve.

We serve our customers, we serve our employees and their families, and we serve our community. It is our daily mission to provide world-class assistance to our customers during the purchasing process, the maintenance of their vehicles and in all their interactions with Kelley Automotive. We believe that lifelong relationships with our community, customers and employees are founded upon the cornerstones of fairness, transparency and simplicity. All communications should be honest and explicit of meaning in order to garner trust that we are living up to the Kelley cornerstones.

As a local family owned business, it is also our responsibility to foster growth and prosperity in the community that takes care of us. Kelley serves its community by giving back to the people and organizations that make Fort Wayne and the surrounding area a great place to work and live. By taking care of our customers, employees, and the community, Kelley Automotive fosters its proud reputation and noble legacy.

Our slogan for our business is "Simple. Transparent. Reliable."

And that really does apply to our company culture as well. We are a family owned business and we have employees that have been with the company for 3-4 decades. We treat our employees like family as we do with our customers. We pride ourselves on being a professional dealership group where we cultivate a culture of loyalty through treating everyone like family and fairly.

Employees have a lot of opportunity for upward mobility, which is one of the reasons we have such a high retention rate and longevity of employment.
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Team Environment

Community Involvement

A pillar of the Kelley Automotive Group is giving back and being a positive influence in our community. Our team is involved with several local charities because we recognize the importance of having a strong, unified, and healthy community to serve. A few of the most notable charities that we partner with are The Boys & Girls Club, Mad Anthony's Children's Hope House, & Backpacks of Hope.

Employee Recognition and Appreciation

Kelley Automotive Group values all employees as family, and it is important to our group that our employee's feel recognized and appreciated. Employees at Kelley Automotive are a tight knit group and we cultivate that environment by regularly providing:
  • Company-wide cookouts
  • Holiday meals
  • Hockey & Baseball games
  • Fort Wayne Air Show Events
  • Provide tickets to local philanthropic events 
Milestone anniversaries, professional achievements, and "impressions" are celebrated company-wide. Employees also give "impressions" to one another as a way of thanking each other for their hard work and dedication; which helps to foster the amazing team-centric atmosphere that makes working for Kelley Automotive such a positive and rewarding experience.


462 Employees
  • 9 Dealerships (Buick GMC, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Volvo, BMW/MINI, Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, Chevrolet Buick, & Ford, Jaguar Land Rover)
  • Parts Company (Midwest Autoparts)
  • Detail & Accessory Shop (14/49 Supercenter) 
  • 3 Body Shop Locations (Kelley Auto Body - Fort Wayne North, Fort Wayne Southwest, and Decatur, IN)


EVAN KLERNER – Sales & Leasing Consultant, Tom Kelley Buick GMC, 1 year

My name is Evan Klerner and I have worked for the Kelley Automotive Group since June of 2019. I left my last job that I had worked previously for eight years to be a part of this group and also to sell cars for the first time. Being my first time selling cars I had almost no idea what to expect, but each and every person at the dealership whether it was another sales person or manager, they made sure I was taken care of. In the short amount of time that I have worked here I have really come to understand what it is supposed to feel and also be like to work for a company that REALLY cares about its customers first and foremost, and its employees as well. I will always remember around Christmas time when the five red and white vehicles on our showroom floor were transformed into hundreds of backpacks filled to the brim with toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, clothing, towels, food etc etc. These backpacks were all to be distributed to people in need in the Fort Wayne community. All of the people at the dealership spent the better part of two days filling the backpacks with these items along with other people in the community that came to help. As I have gotten older having a positive impact on people has become more and more important to me, helping someone find the right vehicle is so rewarding in and of itself. To be able to couple that by being a part of an organization that holds those same values to a high standard in its community is the greatest feeling ever.

DAVE ECHENOZ, V.P. Outside Dealer Operations, 21 years

I have been in the aftermarket and automotive coatings business for 35+ years, for 21 of the years as a Kelley Automotive employee.
In 1999, when Kelley Automotive first purchased TST, the company I began my career with, I was a bit apprehensive of what the future may hold. I quickly found with Kelley, I was going to be able to not only grow professionally, but personally as well. The Kelley organization strikes a good balance of structure and opportunity allowing a person to share their ideas and vision; because of this, I have had the confidence and ability to grow the 14/69 Supercenter into a successful and varied business.

I have a deep respect for Tom Kelley and his family and take great pride in being part of their team. I even take greater pride in telling people I work for Kelley Automotive.

JEN JACKSON, Assistant Controller, Accounting, 24 years

I began my career at Kelley Automotive Group 24 years ago in the Chevy service department as a service cashier.  Over the years I have held many positions within the company leading me up to my current position today as an Assistant Controller.  When people ask what I love about my job the most, my response is, the people I get to work with every day.  I love knowing that I am coming to a place I enjoy being at and where I feel like we are all family.  I am blessed to be a part of such an outstanding organization.

MAUREEN CLAUSEN, Executive Assistant, 32 years

What I have always loved about working at the Kelley Automotive Group is that it's a company with a big heart.  We are part of a community and we give back to that community.   It has also been extremely rewarding to have been able to introduce some of these programs to our group and with everyone's participation make them a success.

We have been part of Backpacks of Hope for about six years.  Last year we helped them procure items and assembled 1000 backpacks at the Tom Kelley Buick dealership.  Everyone at the dealership and volunteers in the community pitched in in unloading items off the trucks, filling backpacks and then hauling the filled backpacks back onto the truck for distribution to the homeless at the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission.  They are also distributed to the VA of Northern Indiana, Huntington Soup Kitchen and Charis House.  Backpacks are filled with heavy gloves, socks, scarves, hat, toiletry items and food items.  Our participation started when Shelley Septer met with me about Backpacks of Hope and told me her story and that of her son, Zachery.  Zach passed away at the age of 21.  It was only at his funeral that his family became aware of the impact he had on so many people who are marginalized in our society.  At his funeral over 1,000 people paid their respect by letting the family know how Zach had been there for them.  They kept hearing, "he listened to me", "he did not judge me", "he was my friend".  Zach had spent the last year of his life befriending the homeless and people in need.  Helping the Septer family grow Backpacks of Hope has been a rewarding experience for everyone at the Kelley dealerships and fits in perfectly with the legacy Jim Kelley left behind.  Jim Kelley had always championed the Rescue Mission. 

In 2018, Cheryl Brockman met with me about the great need for shoes in our community and everywhere around the world.  Changing Footprints donates shoes to domestic abuse shelters, low income assistance, children's services, immigrant resettlement, school programs, homeless services, disaster relief, and employment training.  There are more than 100 organizations right here in Indiana who have received donations from Changing Footprints.  Changing Footprints has the ability to use any shoe they receive. Regardless of the size, type, or condition, they will find a use for it.  Shoes in good condition will get donated to one of the organizations above. If the shoe is too worn or damaged, it will get recycled to make playgrounds.  We enlisted our customer base, our employees and the public in general to donate old shoes and clean out their closets.  Once a year, every Kelley Automotive dealership becomes a drop off center to collect shoes.  From there they are taken to a distribution center to sort and then deliver.

These are just two of the many organizations that we have helped.  Throughout the 32 years I have worked here we have been involved in fundraisers benefiting the Vera Bradley Cancer Research Foundation.  We converted the Buick dealership into a spa heaven night.  We enlisted the salons in town to donate their time and give mini-facials, massages, nail, hair-dos and extensions.  All monies raised went to the cause.  Saturn built a playground for Habitat for Humanity.  We team up with the UAW Local 2209 to help them raise funds for Make a Wish.  We are very involved with the Boys and Girls Club just to name a few.  

I have always been amazed, impressed and appreciative of the Kelley teams' spirit to help in all these causes.  

TAYLOR STRAUB, Human Resources – Recruiter, 4 years

The Kelley Automotive Group is one of the largest automotive groups in the Midwest, but it still prides itself on family values and is there for all of its employees. The team is there to support growth within the company and works with their employees to be the best version of themselves in their current roles as well as assist them to move up within the company. Kelley is invested in all of their employees' futures and continues to do so on a daily basis. 

BRUCE PATTERSON, Sales Manager, Tom Kelley Buick/GMC, 6 years

I moved to Fort Wayne seven years ago with my wife, who was born and raised here, to be closer to family.  It took a little over a year and several jobs later for the right fit to come along.  I'm happy to say it was Kelley Automotive!  What a blessing for my family and myself.  My positions here at Kelley have far surpassed my expectations!!

MIKE HAMILTON, Finance Manager, Tom Kelley Buick/GMC, 13 years

I've been with Kelley Automotive for over 13 years. What I like most about working for the group is the people and the customers. The executive team cares about the success of every employee.  I personally have grown since I've been here, starting as a salesperson and working my way up.  With all the new changes the future is exciting.

ROB MILLER, Product Training & Customer Experience Manager, 3 years

At the Kelley Automotive Group, you'll be challenged to bring your best work to the table, and interact with leadership ready to embrace new ideas.  You're not just challenged to own your success, you are guided and supported by your team to reach your potential… and exceed it.  The Kelley Automotive Group's mission of service goes beyond striving to always deliver an excellent customer experience: it is reflected in the community development organizations we partner with across Indiana.  The Kelley Automotive Group is an organization I'm proud to be a part of.

BEN CAUFFMAN, Sales & Leasing Consultant, Tom Kelley Volvo Cars, 1 year

Tom Kelley Automotive is my first job out of college. First jobs can be overwhelming but here at Tom Kelley Automotive, I was just getting back to work with friends I made during my internship. The friends I have here are professional, supportive, and always around to push myself professionally and personally. Specifically my mentor, even after the internship, frequently checks in on me with words of encouragement. We even talk about work when we hangout after hours. Tom Kelley Automotive are those good friends anyone wants to have.