Rotating your tires is a very important step in the comprehensive care and maintenance of your vehicle. Tires are among the most widely used parts and require careful attention to ensure your safety on the road. Tires encounter various terrains that directly impact their ability to perform. The wear and tear cause by continued use has a direct impact on their tread. In addition, other tire issues can cause your them to need a rotation sooner than they normally would. For example, if your tires are out of alignment or are overdue for a balance, loss of tire tread could be accelerated.

Tire rotations increase your wheels’ longevity and should not be neglected. Your vehicle's plan of care for your tires ensures that you get the optimal usage and performance. Your manufacturer recommends that you rotate your wheels at intervals outlined in your user’s manual. However, visual inspections are always a good idea to alert you of any potential problems, and determine if an early tire rotation is warranted.


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