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Signs You Have an Exhaust Leak

If you're in a state with required emissions testing, exhaust leaks can result in failed tests and expensive repairs. Keep your car running smoothly—learn about the symptoms of exhaust leaks and make an appointment with our service center here at Jaguar Fort Wayne if necessary.

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Climb Inside the Jaguar XF at Jaguar Fort Wayne

The interior of the Jaguar XF is everything you'd expect from a luxury automobile. With plenty of standard features, including a panoramic roof and Meridian Sound System, the Jaguar XF is sure to delight drivers in Fort Wayne.

An 11.4-inch curved glass infotainment system is the showpiece of the Jaguar XF's dashboard. Dual modems make it possible to complete multiple actions simultaneously without ever taking your eyes off of the road, and a head-up display projects pertinent information on your windshield.

Trim made from open-pore wood and aluminum provides a distinctive design 

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Jaguar I-PACE Interior Features

The Jaguar I-Pace is a new all electric car that will be hitting the market in 2021. The interior of the car has been designed with minimalism and modernity in mind, so it is sleek, chic, and sporty. Here are some features you can expect to see when driving this electric vehicle:

1) Rear seat entertainment screens for backseat passengers
2) A 12-inch digital instrument cluster display
3) Heated seats throughout the cabin
4) Leather upholstery
5) A panoramic glass roof
6) Touch screen infotainment system, as well as a traditional knob and buttons for climate control that is digital…

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Spotlight on Tech Features of the Jaguar F-PACE

The Jaguar F-PACE is the type of vehicle you can spot from a mile away. It's big, polished and proud of its pedigree. Our Jaguar Fort Wayne team shares this pride, loving everything about this luxury performance SUV, from its richly appointed cabin to its cutting edge tech features.

The Jaguar F-PACE Remote App

The Remote App is the Jaguar F-PACE's remote control app for Android and iOS smartphones. It syncs your Android or iOS smartphone and Jaguar F-PACE, turning your phone into your SUV's enhanced key fob. Set cabin temperature, input navigation, confirm fuel levels or…

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Tire Care Tips: Tread & Pressure

Your tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. They act as a cushion to help you control your steering and braking, they provide traction to allow you to grip the road when driving on slippery surfaces such as ice or snow, and they protect other vital components in your car like wheels and suspension from damage. That's why it's so important that you keep them properly inflated with the right amount of tread depth. To help you make sure your tires are in good condition, here's a list of tire care tips:


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Technology Features of the Jaguar XF

Are you looking for a luxury vehicle that is equipped with several technology elements that are designed to keep you connected while you are on the road? If so, the Jaguar XF is a great option for you to consider.

In the interior of the Jaguar XF, you will find a wireless charging station that will allow you to keep your wireless device charged at all times. When you are in the Jaguar XF, your phone will utilize the antenna of your vehicle so that you will be able to experience clearer calls and improved signal.

The Jaguar XF is…

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How Do Extreme Temperatures Affect Car Batteries?

How do Extreme temperatures affect car batteries?

Conducive temperature plays a chief role in car battery performance. In extreme temperatures, it can severely affect car batteries. Check out how to ensure your car battery is ready throughout the season.

Car Battery in Hot summer

Extreme heat affects battery lifespan. During summer, extreme heat is experienced, hence the worst battery foe. It both acts as a catalyst of corrosion in the car battery and also increases the evaporation rate of the battery's fluid electrolyte.

Consequently, its capacity declines, and the ability of engine 

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